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Sitting Fees

  Studio Session - $125 Specialty Session - $225
  Studio Indoor At Your Home
  Studio Outdoor With your instrument, pet, etc.
  12 Images Can Include Siblings and Family
  30 Minutes Appointments made by phone for this session


A La Carte Portrait Prices

Portrait Sizes Matted Portrait Costs
20" Portraits $475
14" Portraits $315
8 x 10" Portraits $140
5 x 7" Portraits (and smaller) $95
Custom Triple $375
Wallets $75/8  $100/16
Framed Mini Desk Triple $225 / $150 with a package

 Package A

One Custom Matted 14" Portrait
Three Custom Matted 5 x 7 Portraits
One Custom Matted Triple
24 Wallets

$1100 Value – $220 Savings

When your proofs are ready we will post them in an online gallery and send you a link to view and choose your yearbook and family photos.


Custom Framing Prices  
5 x 7 $65
8 x 10 $100
11 x 14 $145
Triple $125

  Package B

  One Custom Matted 10" Portrait
  Three Custom Matted Triple
  Two Custom Matted 5 x 7 Portraits
  16 Wallets

$805 Value – $145 Savings


Package C

  One Custom 10" Portrait

Portraits ordered within one week (only) of posting online will receive 10% off.


Digital images are copyrighted and remain the property of Peter Friedman. You can choose to have any image you purchase on Facebook for no charge, upon request.

  Two Custom Matted 5 x 7 Portraits
  16 Wallets

$430 Value – $90 Savings

NOTE: Each Portrait in a package can come from a different image except wallets, which must be 8 of the same image.

We accept AmEX, VISA, and MasterCard




What is the difference in the senior sittings?

All sessions include a yearbook picture that we send to the school. The $125 senior sitting is done here at the Weston studio, inside and outside, in a number of settings and you will have approximately 12 images to select from. For the free sitting, it will be indoors only and you will have 6 proofs to choose from. These sessions are done Wednesday and Thursday afternoons between 3:00 and 4:30. 

The specialty session is more individualized and can include your family, or a hobby or passion. These sessions are typically done at your home. This is where you can get creative and include your instrument or a pet, or it can be for the whole family and include individual portraits of siblings. These sessions can take up to an hour and will be scheduled at times other than the Wedsnesday and Thursdays afternoons. Saturdays are only available for sessions that include the whole family. The specialty session is $225. 


What should I wear?

Solids are best, simple classic styles photograph really well. Medium to dark tones are very flattering. Knits and sweaters hang nicely. If you are wearing a button down shirt, make sure it isn't too wrinkled as wrinkles will show up in the pictures.

What about my acne?

Don't worry about it, we will retouch the images at no charge and it looks completely natural.

How long will it take?

The studio only free session takes 15 minutes.  The inside and outside session takes about 20 minutes.  

Allow up to an hour for the specialty session, depending on location and how many people are being photographed.     

How do I get my yearbook picture to the school?

We will send all Weston High School yearbook photos to the school. Other schools differ in their procedure and we will

work with you accordingly. 

How do I order prints?

When your proofs are ready we will post them to an online gallery and we will send you a link to view them. You will be able to order through the website or by calling the studio at 203-227-4595, or you are welcome to come into the studio to order.

If you have a family session, you will set an appointment to view them here in the studio and make those choices here, where you will be able to see each face much closer.

How can I get the 10% discount?

Order your pictures within one week of the proofs being posted online.

Why are all the pictures matted?

Our custom prints are matted in a white archival mat. They are lifetime guaranteed if you leave them in the mat, which protects them from humidity and gasses that even the best frames give off. The proportions of the pictures are true to the camera, but they are matted to a standard size mat.                                                                                                                      

How should I frame my pictures?

We offer many choices for custom framing, and our prices are excellent.  You can also buy standard 8 X 10 frames that will fit the 5 X 7 portraits, and a standard 11 X 14 frame will fit the 8 X 10 portraits.                                                                               


Feel free to call or email with any further questions.  
Our goal is to give you a senior picture you will be proud of and happy to look back on.